iMac XP Screen


Apple came out and replaced the LCD screen and the vertical sync cable. After two hours, the problem re-appeared. Apple is now going to replace the whole iMac.


On the fifth day now and the iMac running XP is starting to flicker. I was wrong in believing this was a software issue. I’ll get Apple out here to fix it and report back what components were faulty.

We received six new 27″ Core 2 Duo iMacs and I was giddy. After setting up four of them, mine started to flicker and black out. I was sad but I thought I would just image it to another and call Apple at my convenience. All went well and a few days later I called Apple. After a lot of details they wanted me to wipe and load the machine fresh from the Snow Leopard disk. Then I was to call back if that didn’t solve the problem.

I did as they instructed and for 24 hours I thought it was solved. Then I came in Friday morning and the machine was flickering again. This got me to thinking, what would happen if I loaded XP in Bootcamp? Is this a hardware problem that would migrate to another OS or is this a driver issue? Off I went loading XP and I was surprised by the results.

After loading XP, I could not get the machine to flicker. Even after four days of abuse. This was an XP SP3 load using the Bootcamp drivers off the Snow Leopard disk. This leads me to believe that it is a driver or software problem in OSX. That’s good news in my opinion. I’m sure consumers would rather download an update that fixed the issue instead of having to return the whole unit and start over. It seems Apple is shorting retailers these models until they can figure it out.