Microsoft Office 08 has this nasty problem of bugging every user for registration and update details. In an education environment, this is not good. Every new login who opens Word or any other Office app, gets annoyed to register and participate in their feedback program. The way to solve this is not too hard but still, MS should not be doing this.

  1. Login as a new user on the machine.
  2. Launch Word and go through the Registration wizard. Close and reopen to make sure no other prompts annoy you.
  3. Navigate inside your
    folder and move all the Microsoft files to a new folder.
  4. There should be a handful of files and a Microsoft folder.
  5. These files need to be placed in
    /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/Preferences
    I use Apple Remote Desktop to do this.

Now when a new user logs in to that machine, they will get the Microsoft preferences from this folder and Office won’t bother them anymore.