In order to multicast our restore, we need to embed the Windows image inside our OS X image. To accomplish this, create an image of your syspreped XP partition using Winclone. At the time of this writing, you couldn’t download Winclone from their site so I had to Google for a download link. I have Winclone save the image to the /Library/Management folder on the OS X side of the master machine. I keep a lot of my scripts in this location already.

Picture 2

Now we need to get an image of our OS X install with the XP image inside it. Use DeployStudio to grab an image of the OS X partition as you normally would.

Picture 11

Now we setup our Dual Restore workflow in DeployStudio Admin. First we tell it to Partition the disk.

Picture 5

Then we restore the OS X partition.

Picture 6

We then prompt for the machine’s name.
Picture 7

We tell the machine to run all these changes when OSX boots for the first time and confirm ARD will be turned on.

Picture 1

Then we bind the OS X side to Active Directory. You can also bind to Open Directory at this time if you use OD.

Picture 8

Finally, we’ll restore the Windows partition using this script.


PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin export PATH

# Restore the Windows image using WinClone

“/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Library/Management/ArchXP.winclone/winclone.perl” -self-extract

exit 0

Picture 3

Now boot a target machine into DeployStudio and run the workflow you just created. If everything has gone smoothly, the OS X partition will restore and then the Winclone will restore the XP Partition. Your machine should reboot into Leopard and it should rename itself, join OD & AD. Now you need to let windows boot and reboot to finish it’s sysprep process. I like to use the following command to tell the machine to boot into Windows one time only.

/usr/sbin/bless -folder "/Volumes/UNTITLED" -legacy -setBoot -nextonly