A Help Ticket system is an invaluable tool for organizations to keep track of work to be done or work that has been completed. The ADaMac HelpTicket Webapp is a PHP/MySQL based solution that is simple in it’s design. Users are presented with a simple form to submit with their problem. Support staff log-in and are presented with the open tickets. Nothing crazy here but it’s important to have a strong base.

The most interesting part of the ADaMac HelpTicket Webapp is the mobile support. Included is a iPhone/iPod & Android version of the site for support staff. This can be invaluable when working in a large building. When the staff has completed a ticket, they can close it right there and see what other issues might be available nearby. This can save on time and gives the impression that the support staff is almost psychic.

The HelpTicket Webapp download is a handful of PHP files and a MySQL database. This means it can be installed on any hardware or software that can run PHP/MySQL.


ADaMac HelpTicket System – ver 1.0


If you don’t have a PHP/MySQL setup and want to quickly test out the system.

  • First download & install XAMPP.
  • Then we need to edit the /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/etc/php.ini file and change register_globals = Off to register_globals = On.
  • Now copy the HelpSystem files to the /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs folder.
  • Start-up XAMPP (Apache & MySQL)
  • Finally, open http://localhost/phpmyadmin in a browser.
  • Click the Import tab, select the HelpSystem.sql file and hit Go.

To install to an existing PHP/MySQL setup.

  • Copy the files to your web-server and import the MySQL database.
  • Edit the included file to match your MySQL settings.
  • Edit the staff table in the database to add support staff users.
  • Finally, edit your php.ini file and make sure register_globals = On.


You now should be able to submit a job by going to http://localhost or log-in as a support staff user by visiting http://localhost/login.php and using the following default credentials.

Username: user
Password: password

Mobile Support:

Using an iPhone/iPod Touch or Android device, go to http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/mobile to see the mobile version of the site. Replacing the X’s with your web-server’s IP address. The mobile version is for staff personnel only. Users cannot submit new jobs from it.

Click the “+” icon to add the page to the Home Screen. This makes access super quick.