When someone wants to get rid of that old clunky Dell and move to a nice Apple machine like an iMac, you know they like the hardware. The problem is, how do you get their XP installation imaged over to a Mac? This is the way I do it and while the theory is the same no mater how you accomplish this. your software might differ.

What you need:

  1. Symantec Ghost
  2. Spare XP load on a box with firewire (I use another iMac)
  3. XP install disk in case things get ugly

First, I sysprep the source machine. Then I use Ghost to grab an image of the XP load. On the new iMac, I load Leopard and get that side all done. Then I run the Bootcamp Assistant and make my Windows partition. I also install Bootpicker at this time.
Picture 1
Now I hook up the new iMac in Target Disk Mode to my Spare iMac running windows in Bootcamp. The two partitions of the new iMac show up in Windows. Then I run ghost32.exe and select “Restore partition from file.” I use the image I created from the source machine and be sure I select the BOOTCAMP partition from the new iMac. After Ghost is done, you have now migrated Windows from that PC to the Bootcamp partition on their new Mac. One issue I see too often is when I go to boot XP for the first time on the new Mac. I get a black screen with a flashing white cursor. To solve this, boot of an XP install disk and select R to repair. When you get to the command prompt type:


The machine should reboot and hopefully, start loading windows. Once in Windows, load the Bootcamp drivers off of a Leopard install disk and all should be good.