With the iPhone 3.1 OS comes a bug that is causing havoc on Exchange users throughout the corporate world. Some email attachments do not work correctly in 3.1. I have seen this first hand where our voice-mails are emailed as a WAV attachment. Everything works great until you upgrade your OS to 3.1 Then the WAV files appear as “mime-attachment” and are unplayable. There is no way to downgrade back to 3.0 either which leaves us waiting for Apple to fix this outrageous bug. According to Apple’s support forums, this bug was reported when 3.1 was in beta but never fixed. This bug also affects iPod touches with the 3.1.1 OS. I think this is in very bad form and I hope Apple gets it together real quick.


We found a solution! The problem is that our phone system was creating a new message with an attached WAV file and then forwarding that message. The iPhone OS couldn’t handle the WAV file because it was an attachment inside a message, inside another message. The solution for us was a setting in the phone system. In the area where you setup email forwarding of VM’s there’s an option to “Forward” or “Relay“. Setting this to Relay made the emailed WAV attachments works perfectly on the iPhone. I hope others can get some help from this.