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The idea of using iPods as a support tool may seem unnecessary but I have found it very useful in this permanently connected world. You don’t need to learn how to program in-order to make a useful iPod/ iPhone app. I only used html targeted towards the device.

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We have a Help Ticket system which has been in place for many years now. Nothing too complicated, users submit problems, we log-in, review the issues and update the ticket. I decided that having to run back to the office or borrow someones machine, every time I wanted to update a ticket was silly. So I got access to the machine that the system is hosted on and created a duplicate site with some modifications.

Picture 1 Picture 3First thing that is needed is iWebKit which gives you everything you need to make a site that looks like a local app. Then I went into my version of the site and started converting form elements and navigation to make the site very useful. I prefer using it over it’s web counterpart. The iWebKit has great instructions and that’s all you need. It’s much easier to take a site that already functions and just strip out the filler.

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After the site is done and everything works properly, add it to the home screen and it functions the same as any other app you’ve downloaded or created. In the end, I have a tool which has been very useful to keep on top of help tickets and update them as soon as I walk out of someones office. It’s so nice when you see a new ticket has come in and you are in the same part of the building. Two birds with one stone. I also have modified my inventory site for the same reasons. If the machine is right in front of you, it’s hard to not quickly update it in inventory.