We recently had to inforce a print auditing system at our school. We chose Pcounter and it does work on both Macs & PC’s. We have a Windows 2003 Server hosting the printers and the Pcounter server app lives there. This tutorial will focus on the clients configuration in an OD & AD environment.

  1. Install the Pcounter client on your workstation. Opt+Dbl Click to see the configuration options. Manually enter your Pcounter server address.
    Picture 1
  2. Use ARD to distribute this app to your clients.
    Picture 2
  3. Install ksmbprintd so your users network credentials are passed seamlessly along with their print job.
    Picture 3
  4. Setup the printer on your machine properly. I setup the printer through the Print & Fax app in System Preferences. After that, I modify the printer in cups by going to http://localhost:631
    Picture 4
  5. Find the printer your client machines are going to use and click the Modify Printer button.
    Picture 5
  6. You need to make sure the printer address looks similar to this.
    Make sure it’s ksmb and I also remove any port configs and enter the FQDN.
  7. Open Workgroup Manager and add your newly configured printer to the group who needs it.
  8. Make the workstations open Pcounter on login.
    Picture 6

Now when a user logs in using their network credentials, Pcounter should launch. When they print, they’ll get a confirmation telling them how much Pcounter is charging them to print. This is working flawlessly so far on our campus.