Here’s the situation. A photo project is due by tonight and I just found out my iPhoto app doesn’t work anymore.

My iPhoto icon doesn’t look so happy.

So I need to reinstall iPhoto but I don’t have an iLife disk, I have my original Leopard install disk that had iLife bundled in it. Heres how I installed iPhoto.

  1. Download Pacifist
  2. Run Pacifist and click on the Open Apple Install Discs button
  3. After Pacifist chugs away for a while, you will get a tree with all the packages that can be installed. Expand Contents of Bundled Software.mpkg and right click on Contents of iPhoto.mpkg click on Install to Default Location.
  4. It may ask for Disk 2. Insert it and let Pacifist do it’s magic. Update any files it prompts you for.
  5. After Pacifist is done, iPhoto should be good as new. I’d also run software updates to get iPhoto totally up to date.
    iPhoto is all happy again!