In our environment, we use Sassafras K2 to control our licenses and limit machines from running apps over our liscense limit. I recently had to deploy K2 to a bunch of macs. You can use Apple Remote Desktop to deploy the mpkg file but it will prompt for a keyserver address. Follow the following steps to customize the mpkg file so your keyserver address is filled in.

Right click and show contents of the K2 mpkg file
Picture 2

Inside the Contents folder, right click and show the contents of the KeyAccess.pkg file
Picture 3

Navigate inside the Contents and then Resources folder. Edit the k2clientconfig.plist file with your editor of choice
Picture 4

Change the KSAddress field to your keyserver address and change AddressPromptUser from 1 to 0
Picture 6

Save your changes and your mpkg should now be customized for your environment. Use ARD to deploy the package and you just saved yourself some serious time.