I got my hands on Snow Leopard and decided to test some important features that work properly in the current version of Leopard. This is what I’ve found working and not working so far. Once again, these are things that are important in our environment.


  • Joining Open Directory by hand.
  • Joining Active Directory by hand.
  • Logging into accounts on multiple domains in the same forest.
  • Using a DeployStudio workflow to rename, enable ARD, Join OD & Join AD.
  • The Pcounter client, set to run on login by OD. It launches but since I can’t successfully print yet, I can’t confirm it runs properly yet.

Not Working:

  • Printing to a Windows Server 2003 using ksmbprint.
  • Our login script to mount SMB network drives. It wants to install Rosetta.

Once again, this is not a complete list by any means. These are just some of the important things I needed to test right off the bat. I will update this list when I have more information.