Does Windows Identify Your Little Keyboard?

Does Windows Identify Your Little Keyboard?

Before you deploy your brand new iMacs loaded with Windows, make sure Windows identifies that puny keyboard that comes with the iMacs by default. We recently deployed 50 iMacs that were imaged from a machine that had the traditional large Apple keyboard attached. When Windows came up while the small keyboards were attached, we couldn’t [...]

DeployStudio Dual Boot Multicast Tutorial

DeployStudio Dual Boot Multicast Tutorial

In order to multicast our restore, we need to embed the Windows image inside our OS X image. To accomplish this, create an image of your syspreped XP partition using Winclone. At the time of this writing, you couldn’t download Winclone from their site so I had to Google for a download link. I have [...]

“Error loading operating system”

Error: The dreaded generic, “Error loading operating system” error. Solution: In my situation, after scanning the hard drive with DiskWarrior and re-imaging the Windows Boot Camp partition, I found the problem was coming from Bootpicker 2.1. A quick install from of the newest Bootpicker 2.1.1 release and the problem was solved.

Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is protection software for the Windows side of things. In the past we have used Compuguard but discovered that it doesn’t seem to survive syspreping inside Boot Camp. After emailing them their response was, “We don’t currently support the use of Compuguard in Boot Camp.” That was enough for me to search for [...]

CS3 Error: “Licensing for this product has stopped working”

Error: So for the past week I’ve been working on a 24 machine iMac mass deployment. One of the many apps installed on the master machine was the CS3 suite. After deploying the image I found out that none of the CS3 apps worked. Instead I got this error, “Licensing for this product has stopped [...]

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